tired of playing jenga with those stacks of papers?


Learn how to finally get organized so you can find what you need when you need it without having to dig for it.

there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to getting organized

Clear Box Clear Space will figure out your organizing roadblocks and help you work through them. 

I lay it all out for you in an easy to understand action plan that takes you from cluttered and struggling to streamlined and relaxed. There’s even ongoing coaching support to help you handle those tough in-the-moment organizing decisions.

Best part?

There are no in-home visits!

if you're a...

busy parent, 
small business owner,
or work from home warrior wearing ALL the hats and trying to hold it all together,

it’s time for you to reclaim your space and make it work for you. 

Open cabinets confidently without being afraid that something will fall out.

Know exactly where all your supplies are when you start your next project. Quickly grab the paperwork you need during your next Zoom meeting. 

I’ll do all the planning, product research, and designing so you can stop wasting time in that Pinterest rabbit-hole trying to figure out what the heck to do with all the mess.



As a professional organizer, I've been trained to find hidden space and create order out of chaos. It's a blessing and a curse. No, really! You think it's all good, but I always find myself straightening shelves while out shopping or daydreaming how I'd rearrange furniture in whatever room I'm in.

In 20 years of helping people get organized, I've learned that most people don't need a full-fledged in-your-home organizing experience to be successful at organizing. In fact, doing it yourself can help solidify long-lasting results. That's why I exclusively offer virtual organization and coaching services. You send me photos and measurements of your space, we talk about your frustrations, and then I send you a custom design and action plan for you to follow.

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