April 8, 2021

30-Day Mindfulness Challenge for Beginners

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Mindfulness improves well-being, physical health, and mental health by encouraging you to be more in tune with your body and mind. This 30 day mindfulness challenge will reset your mind, body & soul by improving your mood, increasing positive emotions, and decreasing anxiety.

30-Day Mindfulness Challenge for Beginners

Do you find yourself rushing through your day and everything between waking up and going to sleep seems like one big blur? Or maybe you feel stuck in a rut with each day on endless repeat? If you are frustrated with your current MO, it’s time to do a mindfulness challenge.

What in the world is a mindfulness challenge?

A mindfulness challenge is simply setting aside a block of time to be more intentional with your actions, focus on yourself and your surroundings, unplug a bit, and create an environment of calm and loving support for yourself. Each day you have one task to try so you can see if you like it and want to continue doing it after the challenge has ended. It’s a way to experiment with different ways of doing things without the commitment of a full schedule/routine overhaul. Some things you might like and others not so much, but each task is designed to encourage you to be more mindful throughout your day.

I’ve created a simple 30-day mindfulness challenge for beginners which you can download here.

reset and refresh your mind body and soul

Why should I do a mindfulness challenge?

Mindfulness improves well-being, physical health, and mental health by encouraging you to be more in tune with your body and mind. When you notice your thoughts, the way your body feels, and the tiny details of your environment, you can better regulate your mood, deal with stress and anxiety, and find joy in the ordinary parts of your life. In addition, mindfulness allows you to disconnect from technology and reconnect with your physical environment, picking up on clues you otherwise would have missed.

When should I do a mindfulness challenge?

Anytime your energy is feeling low, you feel anxious, stressed or sad, or feel disconnected from life, it is a great time to do a mindfulness challenge. You can complete this challenge at any time. It does not have to follow a calendar month, and you can repeat the days you love and want to include in your regular schedule. After finishing the challenge, it’s straightforward to save the parts that made you feel good. You can also use it as a springboard to create your own mindfulness exercises.

Is it hard to do a mindfulness challenge?

Yes and no. lol. Not a great answer, right? But the truth is, it depends on you. Some of the exercises might seem difficult or uncomfortable at first, but that’s the beauty of the challenge. Try everything once and save the ones you like the best. If something makes you feel bad, don’t do it. You are in control! This challenge is meant to encourage you to get in touch with your thoughts, emotions, and sensations but to do so without judgment. If any of the activities negatively affect you, stop doing them and talk to a close friend or family member about what you’re experiencing. As you become more in tune with your inner self, you might unpack some things you’ve been repressing. At that point, it’s best to speak with a professional who can help you work through what you’re experiencing.

How will I feel after the challenge?

After doing this 30-day mindfulness challenge, you will feel refreshed, focused, and more connected to your inner self. As a result, your mood will be better, and you will have a more positive outlook on life. But don’t take my word for it. Try it and see for yourself!

I’m ready! How do I get the challenge?

You can grab the challenge right here! DOWNLOAD THE 30-DAY MINDFULNESS CHALLENGE

Start the 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge

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