September 1, 2020

Get Your Junk Drawer Organized ASAP

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Organizing your junk drawer is a quick and easy project that should take about 30 min.- 1hr

(Depending on how much you’ve crammed in there!)

1. First, measure the drawer to see what type of organizing system will fit. Individual compartment drawer organizers, cutlery organizers, and desk organizers are my top three faves. 

2. Once you have your organizer(s) in hand, take everything out of the junk drawer and clean the inside. 

3. Throw out anything that’s expired, leaking, not fit for service, or is not worth saving: single-use condiment packets, old fortune cookies, uncapped super glue, dried out sharpies, dull box blades, dead batteries, etc. (Certain items such as old blades and batteries need to be recycled responsibly. Please check the recycling information for your local area.)

4. Edit the items in your drawer down to the ones you use regularly and store the rest elsewhere. Make sure that everything in the drawer belongs there.

5. Group like things together and things of similar size/shape. These will be your zones within the drawer. Your drawer organizers will separate the zones.

6. Insert your drawer organizers and divide the interior of the drawer. Place the items inside and add labels to ensure that items end up back where they belong. 

Once finished, stand back and admire your handiwork. Use the energy from this win to organize something else! 

Tackling small projects like this can have a snowball effect on the rest of your house. Junk drawers are usually a nightmare because they are crammed to the brim with random things! Organizing the junk drawer is a great starting project to train your eye to recognize which things you should keep or toss. You’re not likely to come across sentimental items in your junk drawer so the evaluation process should be relatively quick.

Being able to find scissors, tape, or a notepad when you need it will have a positive impact on your mindset and show you that you CAN be organized! The key to keeping it organized is to make sure each item is returned to its home after use. 

That’s the secret sauce, my friends. Easy peasy, right?

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