September 1, 2020

How to Organize Your Spice Cabinet

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Organizing your spice cabinet is a quick and easy project that should take 30 minutes or less once you’ve gathered your supplies (turntable, risers bins, etc.) The secret to spice cabinet organization is creating zones based on the frequency of use as well as grouping items together by flavor profile or type.

Step 1: Empty the cabinet and go through your spices. Throw out anything that has expired or smells rancid. Purge spices you never use or don’t like.

Step 2: Group your spices according to flavor profile (savory, spicy, sweet, etc.) or type (Italian seasonings, meat marinades, baking spices, etc.)

Step 3: Identify which spices you use most often. This step is very important. This will determine which zone they go in.

Step 4: Establish your zones. Zone 1 should be easiest to see and access. This is where your most frequently used spices go. Zone 2 will be less frequently used and so on and so forth.

Step 5: Set up your turntables, risers, bins, etc. to help divide the space and maintain groups. (See suggested products list for tips on which to use where.) Place everything back in the cabinet and you’re done!

Organize your spice cabinet
Shown here is a three-shelf, upper-level spice cabinet that is divided into zones and flavor profiles. Your spice cabinet may look different, but this organization technique can be applied wherever your spices are stored. For example, if your spices are in a drawer, zone 1 will be in the front of the drawer, followed by zones 2 and 3 moving towards the back.

Suggested Products to Organize your Cabinet

  • Turntables allow you to reach the bottles in the back without knocking everything over or moving anything.
  • 3-Tiered risers maximize the vertical space between shelves and are perfect for small spices or extract bottles.
  • Front handled bins are an excellent way to group frequently used spices. You can easily move the bin to your prep area when it’s time to cook.
  • Glass spice jars are useful for decanting and ensuring your spices always fit.
  • Glass cruets are useful for decanting and ensuring your bottles of oil and vinegar always fit.

A note about decanting: Consider decanting your spices and oils. Decanting makes it much easier to buy in bulk and allows you to quickly see when you are running low. Sometimes shelf height influences where items go, which is another reason why decanting is such a great idea. You can purchase bottles that fit your shelves and place items where you want regardless of manufacturer packaging.

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  1. Claire says:

    I love the idea of decanting! I hadn’t even heard the term before (I know, newbie lol), but I like the idea of it being uniform and aesthetic as well of course as organized.

    • Claire says:

      So happy that this resonated with you! It definitely helps when it comes time to make the grocery list, you can easily see what you need to buy. We decant snacks, baking ingredients, and cereal as well for this exact reason.

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