September 1, 2020

Organize THESE 5 Areas of Your Kitchen FIRST

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One of the biggest frustrations with getting organized is not knowing where to start. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, I suggest starting here. I have a few reasons for doing this. First, there are essential tasks performed in the kitchen. Whether or not you cook, this is the place you store food, prepare food and sometimes even eat food. Second, you’re less likely to encounter sentimental objects, so the purge process should be relatively simple. Third, it’s a place to rack up quick wins so you can use the forward momentum and excitement to dive into the next room.

You don’t even have to do the entire kitchen on the first sweep. There are five key spots to hit first that will dramatically change how your kitchen looks and feels: spices, utensils, food storage containers, pots/pans, and the fridge. Fix these places first and it will make it easier to tackle the rest of the kitchen.

  1. Spice Cabinet – Organizing your spice cabinet is a quick and easy project that should take 30 minutes or less. The secret to spice cabinet organization is to create zones based on frequency of use and group items together by flavor profile or type.
  1. Utensils – Cooking utensils often get thrown in a drawer or shoved in a holder near the stove and very quickly get out of control and look cluttered. This project should take 30 minutes or less and is a very easy win.
  1. Food Storage Containers – Lids with no bottoms, bottoms with no lids, too many shapes and sizes and materials. Ugh! This area is definitely the bane of most people’s kitchens. This project will probably take about an hour, maybe even an hour plus depending on your collection. Reference the printout instructions for my tips on purging these.
  1. Pots/pans – We often end up with pons/pans we don’t like or don’t use because of boxed sets. We also tend to hang on to pots/pans well past their prime because those sets were expensive. Do a quick purge to get down to your absolute faves/necessities and create a list so you can upgrade ones that are no longer in their prime. This will dramatically improve your cooking experience and should only take about 30 minutes to an hour.
  1. Fridge – Most fridges are gross. There, I said it. Spills, leaks, dust (yes, dust), expired food, and crusty condiments. Yuck! Your fridge can benefit from routine deep cleaning, but even more than that, it can benefit from some organization. You can find things easier, make your grocery list faster, and, once organized, you’ll even be able to wipe it down more effectively. This project could take up to an hour depending on how stuffed your fridge is.

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