September 1, 2020

Organize Your Freezer in Under 30 Minutes

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What do you think is the best way to organize your freezer? You know what, it really depends on the size of your fridge and how many frozen products you need to put in. The most important thing is to figure this all out by following the steps below.

Who would even think there’s such thing as a freezer organization? Say no more, Up your kitchen game by banishing freezer-burned items and mystery meat forever!

Here’s how you can organize your freezer in under 30 minutes:

  1. EMPTY- Take everything out of the freezer and wipe down the interior, door seal, and handle. Use a warm, wet, lint-free cloth to prevent sticking.
  1. PURGE- Throw out any expired foods, freezer-burned items, or questionable leftovers. You wouldn’t even need those anymore, right?
  1. GROUP- Group similar packaging together (bags vs. boxes) and keep like items together. You want to fill in the gaps! So, think of organizing the freezer like playing Tetris. I recommend picking up some freezer bins if you have room. Bins help with grouping!
  1. ZONES- Zones are essentially a collection of grouped items. These freezer zones are typically set by type (meat zone, soup zone, fruit zone) or by meal (breakfast zone, dinner zone, snack zone). Set them up based on what makes sense for you and your family. Be sure to leave a little wiggle room for leftovers!
  1. LABEL- Keep track of leftovers by adding erasable, dishwasher-safe labels to your food storage containers. Remember to add the date to all freezer items! If you open a box or bag and only use part of it, add a label and date to the box or bag. Labeling and dating your food helps you use it before it’s encased in an eternal tomb of ice. Just sayin’.

And that’s a wrap! Easy-peasy, right?

Bonus Tip

Remember, being organized does NOT mean that you set it and forget it. Your organization system can and should adjust to meet your changing needs. Reassess your storage needs each season as the types and quantities of freezer foods typically change throughout the year.

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