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“I love having piles of stuff everywhere and never being able to find anything.”
                     No One Ever

You deserve better!

Tired of looking at stacks of “stuff” and wondering what to do with it all?

Fed up with feeling overwhelmed by all the clutter?

Frustrated that you can’t get any real work done because you don’t have space?

If you’re tired of wasting time looking for solutions and would rather let someone else figure it out,

you’re in the right place!

Clear Box Clear Space will take your jumbled mess and show you how to clear the clutter.

It all starts with a free consult, a few measurements, some quick photos, and voila! The organization magic begins.

No more buying doubles (or triples) of items you already have but couldn’t find.
No more wasting time looking for things.
No more feeling cramped by clutter.

Finally have room to work, play, relax, and live

You’ll get a detailed design and action plan showing you exactly where things go and how to get them there. It’s your fast pass to getting organized, complete with a full product list and 30 days of organization coaching support.

Skip hours of

research, scrolling, frustration, and wondering what to do and where to start.

Your services include:

Services start at $497

Up to two redesigns so your space is perfectly organized the way you want it.


30 days of organization coaching support


A list of donation centers in your area that are currently accepting drop-offs/pick-ups


A personalized Pinterest board full of inspiration for your space.


A full product list of storage and organization products tailored to your budget and aesthetic .


A timeline for how long each section should take so you can schedule it on your calendar.


A detailed action plan walking you through the best way to organize your space


A custom space design with optimal storage zones mapped out.


Book your free

Room Audit to get started


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