September 1, 2020

Top 3 Tips to Organize Food Storage Containers

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Who has a food storage cabinet or drawer that is completely out of control? Yup, been there and oh so guilty!

I honestly think it’s the name of the game when it comes to organizing food storage containers.

Here are my top 3 tips to help organize food storage containers

  1. Edit your collection– Throw out all the containers that are stained, scratched, or missing tops/bottoms. Use this time to consider upgrading to glass containers that will last for years to come.
  1. Pick a shape– Are you team square/rectangle or team circle/cylinder? Like shapes stack best with other like shapes. Pick a team and roll with it. Don’t bring in new containers that aren’t that shape. Square shapes will maximize the storage capacity of your fridge. Cylinder storage containers often come in different volume capacities yet utilize the same lid (think of the soup containers from your fave takeout). 
  1. Separate lids from bottoms– Utilize a large container, 4-sort rack, corner stand, cabinet shelf divider, or undershelf basket to help. When unloading the dishwasher, be sure to put everything back in its proper place so all the lids and bottoms are visible and accessible. I don’t recommend stacking the bottoms on top of the lids. It’s guaranteed to get messy since you have to lift the entire stack of bottoms to access the lids. Your goal is to be able to pack up food without having to dig.

So, how do I organize my containers? 

I have them stacked by size and shape inside of a plastic sweater box from The Container Store. These boxes (along with the shoe, men’s shoe, and deep sweater boxes) are my absolute fave for organizing just about everything around the house.

Simple example of how to organize food storage containers. Like sizes are stacked together inside of a plastic sweater bin. Lids are grouped together by size and shape.

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