January 30, 2021

Top 30 Micro-Moments of Joy

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Micro Moments of Joy

Top 30 micro-moments of joy:

“Let joy be in your journey, not in some distant goal”

– Tim Cook
Find the joy in your day

If you have ever seen the movie Amelie, there’s a scene where she helps a blind man cross the street through a crowded market. As she walks with him, she calls out what she sees, from the florist who has crinkly eyes and is laughing with a customer to a baby who is avidly watching a dog that is eyeing roasted chickens in a shop window. Every time I see this scene, I tear up at the beauty of it. It is packed full of these little moments of joy as the man is escorted through the market and looped into all the things he can’t see. When Amelie leaves him at his destination, he is encompassed in a warm glowing light which signifies the pure joy he feels after his encounter. 

Live with child like wonder

When you’re a child, you’re consumed with simple joy. It’s everywhere because everything seems magical and beautiful. As we grow older, our focus on simple things fades but you can pull yourself back to that place of simple joy just by noticing the nuances of your experiences instead of rushing through them or tuning them out. When you are present in the moment and appreciate all of the tiny little pockets of joy that occur throughout your day, you can get the same rewarding feeling that happens when you have a big triumph or celebration. That excited, warm, comforting, uplifting feeling wraps around you and lifts your spirit, reminding you of all of the beautiful things you have to be thankful for. 

Even when times are hard. 

Especially when times are hard.

So, the next time you’re doing something seemingly mundane, stop to think about how it feels, sounds, tastes, smells, looks. Get wrapped up in the moment and allow joy to take hold. It takes practice, but once you start to slow down and appreciate all of the beauty in your life, you’ll look around and see how truly blessed you are.

find micro-moments of joy

Here are my top 30 micro-moments of joy. What are yours?

  1. The smell of fresh ground coffee
  2. The warmth of a hot cup in cold hands
  3. The softness of my child’s sleeping face
  4. The quietness of the silent house when everyone else is sleeping
  5. The scent of my hands after running them through a sprig of herbs
  6. The look on my child’s face when she suddenly “gets it”
  7. The feeling I get when my recipe turns out just right
  8. The sound of a loved one’s voice when they answer the phone
  9. Asking someone how they’re doing and really listening/connecting with their answer
  10. The smell of sunshine still on my clothes after coming inside
  11. The tired yet energized feeling I get when I’ve had a really hard workout
  12. Belting out my favorite song in the car 
  13. The smell of a fresh bar of soap
  14. The feel of warm sheets/towels right out of the dryer
  15. The smell of an old book
  16. Hugs from my kiddo
  17. Finding the freshest produce
  18. The smell of fresh sliced fruit
  19. The texture of chocolate melting on my tongue
  20. The feel of freshly tilled earth between my fingers
  21. The coolness of a dog’s nose nudging my hand to play
  22. The smell of cookies baking
  23. The soft flit of a windchime
  24. The sound of rain on my window when I’m cuddled up in bed
  25. The cool side of the pillow
  26. The crunch of freshly baked bread
  27. The sun peeking through the trees and casting soft shadows across my path
  28. The rejuvenation of a hot bath after a hard day
  29. Hearing birds chirping instead of traffic noise
  30. Watching a cat stretch in the sunny spot of the window

Creating small moments of joy is actually one of my fave forms of self-care. See what the others are on Self-care for the New Year blog post.

my top 30 micro moments of joy

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